Planting Seeds with a Child!

Kids learn so much from hands on activities like planting seeds. Come get involved with us!

Kids Love the Garden

Come join us for a garden weekend!

Square foot gardens

Learn more about square foot gardening

Happy Gardening

Fall Festival

Enjoying time out at Deep Roots Community Farm.

Recess Sessions Begin

This Friday at Hamilton and SOTA 1, students had the opportunity to play seed-related games during recess time.  Paige and Michelle led them in these games to help get them ready for the next few…
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We have found a wonderful variety of organic seeds this year.  First off, we’ll be getting some from our very own Seed Library, which is ran through the La Crosse public library.  They allow people…
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Ready for Spring

We are excited for spring!  We’ll be planting and enhancing the gardens at State Road Elementary School and Hamilton/SOTA I.  The theme this year for the outdoor gardens is: HEALTHY SNACKS.  We’ll be planting fruits…
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